Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa Claus is coming to Town...


It's been such a busy month. I can't believe we have only four days and it's Christmas! Yikes.

This past Friday, due to the imminent record breaking snow storm that was practically upon us, we decided to do our annual photos with Santa.

I don't fight traffic, parking issues and hours worth of lines at the mall and overpay for a mediocre photo of my children with Santa. Oh no. We have the real deal as a member of the family. To me he is Dad. To my children he is Pop-Pop. And to the many children who cross ways with this man from November until Christmas time he is known as simply Santa Claus.

He is the best Santa I know. Used to play one at the mall and then for church. But since his stroke he has decided to just put the suit on for my children. And me. I am ecstatic that I can do pictures however I want (and get as many shots as I need) and in the comfort of our own home. Well, my parents home. Not to mention that me, my dad, and my kids get to have these visual memories of something special shared between them.

This year didn't go quite as I expected. Last year I was convinced Mason would know it was Pop-Pop and this year I had my doubts. He is an incredibly smart kid. Figures things out way better than I do sometimes. Crossing my fingers, we had Grandma distract the little tyke while my sister helped Santa get into his suit and I changed Sophie into her Christmas dress and hat. I wasn't sure how she would handle this. Especially since she'd been moody earlier and crying when looking at my dad. But I took a deep breathe and said, we'll get what we can get.

Time for the reveal. Hey Mason did you hear that? I think someone is here? Who do you think it is? Mason not sure what was going on seemed apprehensive and then in walks Santa. And Mason got weird. He started hiding his face in Fred's chest and being shy. Mason who is this? No answer. Who is this Mason? All of us now on the edge of our seats to see what he was going to say. All convinced he would know and we'd be caught. Santa. It's Santa. Phew! Our secret is safe and he still believes. Though getting him to sit on Santa's lap was a whole other story.

We had Sophie go first since Mason was being difficult. Surprisingly she did excellent. And we got some great shots.
I can't believe she smiled and even laughed for us.
She didn't seem to mind at all. She seemed to even like Santa. Mason, it took much coaxing and numerous bribes to get him to sit on Santa's lap. Even telling him that he looks like Pop-Pop. That one seemed to help a bit. I have to say that with how much Mason has surprised me with this knowledge he didn't realize that Santa and Pop-Pop sound the same. Hmmmm. Anyway. We finally got Mason on his lap and I got the joint Santa photo of the season.
Then Mason started to get comfortable. And laughing.
That one is my favorite.

And he started to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas. A red eight 'o clock car, a corvette, a Maserati, etc. You know the quintessential items any three year old would want. Or any grown man for that matter.

Later in the car on the way home he informed us that he didn't tell Santa everything he wanted. He left off a truck. More specifically a truck just like Mr. Mike's. (Not the one that stuck in the sand, the one we rode in). Only not blue but red. I tell you for a three year old he is very particular and specific about what he wants. I suppose that's better than having my indecisiveness.

When it was time to say good-bye. Mason eating his pudding, one of the many bribes. He asked, is Santa leaving? Yes, honey he has to go. I don't want him to go. Well now he doesn't want him to go. *rolling my eyes* Though Mason sufficed in waving good-bye to Santa. And as I walked with my Dad into the family room to help him change I heard Mason ask my Mom, Is Santa going to change?

And speaking of change. It's amazing how much Mason has grown over the years. The following are photos of him as a newborn, a year old, two years and now three years this year. Amazing!

I don't know about you but I think this world could use a little bit of Christmas magic.
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