Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's a MARSHMALLOW world!!

You gotta love it on the rare occasion that it snows this early in the holiday season. It gives you hope that maybe, just maybe, this year you'll have a White Christmas.

I woke up to a little boys voice joyfully shouting, it's snowing mommy, it's snowing! For once the weather report was right. Calling for 2-4 inches.

Mason was so excited running from window to window to look at the snow falling and asking over and over every chance he got to go outside and play in it. Let it snow a little bit more buddy. You need more on the ground in order for it to be fun. Patience is something we continue to work on.

Finally lunch time came. Eggs, bacon and mac'n'cheese. Then bundled up and ventured outdoors. Sophie asleep in the pack'n'play Mason had both parents all to himself. Fred and Mason were already outside, as the anticipation and wait was too much for this on the go toddler. I grabbed my camera, sure not to miss documenting this momentous event as it was Mason's first time has been out in the snow. Ever. I know. What kind of a mother am I that my son is three years old and never experienced playing in the snow? It's complete torture! I think today made up for it.

Bombarded with snowballs as soon as I stepped out the door. A flurry of fun. Mason and Fred making a snowman.

It falling over and them making it again.

Discussing how we needed a sled. Me recommending pizza boxes seeing as they worked great in college. Fred finding his boogie board from the beach in the garage. Sledding awesomeness commences.

On our tummys, our knees and any other way we figured would be fun. Up the hill, down the hill. Laughing. Face plants in the snow after falling off. More laughing. I go by myself. I want to go on my knees. I want to go fast. Faster. Smiles and laughter and camera clicking away.

It was cold and wet and something I usually would have complained about on any normal day. But today I let it go. I had fun. I was in the moment. And realizing I have missed out on so much by constantly worrying about what needs to be done, and what isn't getting done or how much of a mess it's going to make. I had an a ha moment. Not having had this much fun playing out in the snow since I was a kid myself. It felt good and I loved hanging out as a family because that is where I am my happiest. Because quite honestly life is better when shared.

We ended the snowy fun with some hot cocoa and the Polar Express. None of us had seen the movie yet and I found it rather cute. Something we'll watch again closer to Christmas I'm sure.
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