Saturday, August 29, 2009

I must remember...

This is a quote I heard while watching the video 50 moments with Lisa Bearnson. It struck me hard. This is something I must remember, especially right now as my son is in his "destructive" stage. It seems that everything he touches/plays with breaks. I get ANGRY. More than I should because honestly it is just an object and not one of my precious children. Yes it sucks that the $150 swing no longer has a mobile or music that works, but the swing part does and no one got hurt. It's not like the swing fell apart with Sophie in it. Yes, it sucks that I didn't realize how much we use the letter W in the English language until Mason ripped off the key on my laptop keyboard. Yes, it sucks that the toy corvette Fred got for his birthday is completely destroyed. Yes, it sucks that most of the books Mason loves, have pages torn out or ripped in some way making it difficult to read. BUT, they are only things. THEY CAN BE REPLACED. Fred has a new corvette toy, exact same one, that Mason is not allowed to touch. Most of the pages we found and were able to tape back in the books. Not always cheaply. We have a new mobile section for our swing. And not always can they be fixed. Mason doesn't know I threw away the broken corvette and I'm sure he'll be upset when he figures it out but it's not like he could play with it anymore; it only has two wheels, no windshield, no trunk lid, no driver seat. List goes on. Besides he has like 40 other cars to play with and his birthday is coming up soon. If he wants another one he just needs to add it to "mommy's list." Someone is sure to buy it for him. I think, he needs to learn that he can't break things and expect them to be fixed. Everything costs money and most often it's not cheap. Plus it's not nice to break things, especially if they belong to someone else. And then I think, he is only 2 yrs. (almost 3). How much can he really understand about this? Am I expecting too much? Take it easy on him. He's learning. He's a boy. He's his father's son. THINGS WILL CONTINUE TO GET BROKEN. Teach him the consequences, NICELY, and move on.

Because you are PRICELESS. Especially with that face.
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