Saturday, August 8, 2009

Big Brother


You know people told me that I'd look at Mason after having Sophie and wonder how he got so big. They were right.

I pick up Mason and think, oh my god he's heavy. Or listen to him talk, watch him play and seriously wonder what happened to my baby boy? How did he grow up so fast? Seeing him with Sophie seals the deal. How grown he is when trying to comfort her when she cries, "Sophie, Mommy is right here." How he towers over her when giving her hugs and kisses. Praising himself on how strong he is when picking her up (much to my horror) and handing her to me. But most of all, how much of a wonderful big brother he is when helping feed her while I do the grocery shopping.

It is such a sight to see his growth (and sometimes regression) in behavior since the birth of his little sister. So much responsibility for such a small person, to be so "grown up" and "mommy's helper" at the age of two, going on three.

It is in these moments, these brief moments that our family creates, where I find the memories I want to remember forever.

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