Monday, August 17, 2009

Conversations with Mason Album

*Supplies: Paislee Press Lark and Aneal Photogenic paper; Flip flop and florencesans fonts
Have you ever paid attention to the things your kids say? Think about all the times our kids have made us laugh, or embarrassed us by the phrases they have uttered. Whether it be a common saying uttered wrong or repeating something we've been heard saying on a daily basis. Anyone who follows me on Twitter or is my friend on Facebook, knows my son has repeated some pretty funny things over the course of this year. A few, quite embarrassing but it is all a part of his growing up and learning.

The first time I heard Mason utter what has become a normal occurrence in our everyday, I had the idea to make an album of his hilarious phrases. Finding inspiration during a class I took at Big Picture Srapbooking, Everyone Can Write a Little with Cathy Zielske, I began my Conversations with Mason album. Applying Cathy's simple design and tweaking it to make it my own, I created three templates and have the first dozen pages completed. This is my first all digital album (besides the one I made in the class) and I am rather proud of having stepped out of my comfort zone and happy with how it has turned out. Some pages don't have pictures yet but I am experimenting with what to do on those pages. Hoping the class I am taking with Ali Edwards this fall will give me some ideas and inspiration. Below I have shared just a few of the pages created so far, as this is an ongoing project that will have many volumes in the years to come. Mason is sure to only continue growing his vocabulary, therefore constantly giving me material to add. Already, I find myself jotting down new things he spews out every day while in the car, at the store, or around the house. I must make note to create an album for Sophie once she begins to talk as I am sure she will follow in her big brother's footsteps.

*Supplies: Paislee Press Lark and Aneal Photogenic paper; Fabianestem and florencesans font

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  1. Love the album! Doesn't look like a first digital foray, it looks professional. And your boy's words - so funny! I'm taking Ali's class this fall, too. See you there!

  2. How many orange shirts does that kid have? They are a different shade of orange in each picture....