Sunday, May 17, 2009

Everyone can write a little...

You may recall this little entry a few months ago. No? Take a look. I'll be here when your done.

If you follow me on Twitter or are my friend on Facebook then you know that I am practically online 24/7. I find that microblogging, as it has been referred to, is the new crack. And I am totally addicted. This, added to my almost immobilizing fear of journaling on my scrapbook pages, for fear that what I have to say is just "not good enough," is the reason I signed up for the class. Now I almost didn't take it as I found out my c-section falls right in the middle of the four weeks. But why should I let a little thing like giving birth stand in the way of being creative?
Now I'm sure you are thinking, "How is being on Facebook and Twitter going to improve your journaling skills?" Simple. Twitter and Facebook allow you answer the question "What's on your mind/What are you doing," in 140 words or less. This is exactly what we try to communicate in our scrapbooks, the goings on of our every day lives. Limiting the response to 140 words is a little less intimidating. I don't have to be some great novelist. What a relief! I admit I use Facebook as more of a way to connect with old and current friends. However, Twitter I use more as a way of recording my daily life. And I don't do it for the benefit of others, I do it for myself. Hence the annoying amount of tweets posted.
I find that throughout the day Mason says things that crack me up and I want to remember them. Tweet. I see things that upset me and I need to get it out. Tweet. I think of things that are crazy, funny, important and want to jot them down. Tweet. I find inspiration in a quote, book or song. Tweet. I just need to say something. Tweet.
The point of this class is to take all these tweets, match them up with a picture and voila! Instant scrapbook. Totally doable right? I need to get past this whole my journaling has to be perfect or interesting in order to be on my pages. The point of creating them is to capture the authentic, raw essence of mine and my families lives. Why should the opinion of an outside party matter? So I am taking this class to make that first step outside my comfort zone. Because it is only through this step that we can achieve our biggest victories.

Yes, everyone CAN write a little.
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