Saturday, May 9, 2009

Baby Bump + Celebrating Mothers

I am officially 36 weeks today. This means I have 2 weeks and 5 days left till this child is FINALLY out of my stomach. That is exactly 19 days left and it can't get here fast enough. This little supposed miracle growing in my belly has been wreaking havoc on my body and I have had ENOUGH. I spend most days in pain, feeling like at any moment this kid will either burst out of my belly button or just drop out while shopping. I've tried but I don't think it is possible to convey how miserable the cramping, the back pain, and the inability to walk makes me on a daily basis. How frustrated it makes me feel to be unable to play with my son and spend the quality time with him that we both need. So much so that I find myself sobbing alone more often than not. I constantly wonder if it is possible to be in labor and not know it. This pregnancy has been anything but what I expected or anticipated. So different than the first time around. I know that mother nature plays this horrible trick on us by wiping away our memory of the completely horrible moments but I am still in awe that woman continue to get pregnant time after time. My whole experience this time around has lead me to the conclusion that not only do I not want to go through it again, but that my body probably couldn't even handle it one more time.

So as I sit here having a private pity party for myself, I am reminded that it is Mother's Day tomorrow. I think a lot of times Mom's, especially the ones who stay at home, feel unappreciated. I know I do. I feel almost invisible most days. Things I do on a daily basis get overlooked, until they don't get done. I wear many hats. I am the healer of boo-boos, wiper of tears, calmer of tantrums. The creator of meals, play-doh snakes and chalk circles. I am the master of laundry, groceries, and picking up toys. I am the ruler of the remote, the reader of books and singer of songs. I am the payer of bills, the keeper of appointments and important dates. I am all this and so much more. Yet day after day these tasks go unnoticed as Thank You's are rarely heard. If you ask me, we should tell those we love on a daily basis just how much we love them and how appreciative we are for all they do. Especially mothers. Thank you's should always be uttered no matter how simple the task. So in honor of our Mom's, this card I made is for you.

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