Thursday, May 21, 2009

All By Myself

Suddenly my baby boy is growing up. Not just in looks or his vocabulary, which is astonishing at 2.5 years old; but in the ever growing number of things he wants and CAN do by himself.

The most recent and well I think the most notable to date, is the sudden ability to use the potty all on his own. Now don't get too excited, he isn't potty trained. Yet. And according to Fred the motivation may have come in a red bag marked skittles. Still, this is a milestone. Just two days ago we were having to fight him to go potty and, for me at least, being faced with assisting in every aspect of this feat was willing to let it slide more often than not.

For some reason all the "cool" things happen when I am not around. Such as sitting still to have his face painted like a tiger and riding in a fire truck. So naturally another big event would occur while I was at my hair appointment last night.

Fred: you would have been so proud of Mason tonight. He used the potty all by himself.
Me: huh. What!?

Yeah you heard that right. ALL BY HIMSELF. He went into the bathroom, turned on the light, removed his pull up, pushed the stool over to the toilet, climbed onto the potty, peed, got off the potty , flushed, put his pull up back on (after a little bit of figuring it out), pushed the stool to the sink, washed and dried his hands, turned off the light, put the stool back in place and closed the door.

Me: he got on the potty all by himself?

If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes this morning I might still be in denial over this one. All by himself. Even down to telling Fred he had to pee without being prompted. This of course was when the information about the skittles came in. Apparently I need to hide my stash better. Whatever the motivation, the point was that he could actually do it ALL without any help.

Now the fact that he has learned to open the front door and the refridgerator doors all by himself is a different matter completely and will be discussed later in a section titled "things that annoy me about my sons growing independence."
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