Friday, February 13, 2009


It's such a cliche to have to have a special day to tell someone you love them.  Shouldn't we be telling them everyday?  Non the less, this philosophy doesn't stop me from celebrating or expecting something romantic on the 14th of February every year.  Chock it up to the simple fact that I am a woman and my logic is not only complicated but shouldn't even be tried to be understood by the male species.  Just go with the flow guys, makes life much easier.  Trust me.  
That said.  Last night Fred and I got our hair cut, this was Fred's first time to Holly, and when we arrived home there was a package at the door.  I naturally thought it was for Fred (he is always ordering things online, I'm not that comfortable doing online shopping frequently just yet) but when I got closer I noticed it had my name on it.  The box, from 1-800-flowers, had these beautiful roses (pictured above) in them.  Once again I assumed they were not from Fred (he has a hard time remembering things like this and pretty much never gets me flowers) and once again I was wrong.  (Every once in a while you'll find I can admit this).  The sentiment simply read, "To my one and only love, Happy Valentines Day."  Awwww, how sweet. I knew he could be romantic if he tried hard enough.  Incredibly shocked he actually remembered this Saturday was V-day,  I reveled in the moment.  Yes they arrived two days early but apparently shipping was cheaper.  Hey, in this economy you need to save a buck anywhere you can!  I'm just happy he remembered at all. Which if you think about it, because he does not do this often and usually forgets important days like my birthday, our anniversary, and valentines day, it makes those moments that he actually does even more special and meaningful.  Maybe this has been his plan all along.  
As for me, being the keeper of the calendar and always knowing when important dates are arriving, I had my card for Fred all planned out and ready to execute weeks ago.  Knowing that I wanted to take pictures of my ever growing belly and I being close to 24 weeks, figured this would be the perfect time to get the picture for my card.  I had seen this many times on scrapbook layouts and wished I had done something like this while pregnant with Mason, but hadn't thought of it at the time.  I dressed in the appropriate red and pink for V-day, set up my tripod and snapped away.
This is the card and I absolutely love the result!  All that is needed now is a happy, romantic day tomorrow.  

Here are the best of the bunch of belly shots from my 24 week photo shoot.  

Growing big and strong this little girl is constantly moving, kicking and god knows what else in there. Can't believe that I only have three months left as I begin to head into my third trimester soon.  The c-section has been confirmed for May 28th at 12:30 in the afternoon.   Only 104 more days to go! 
It's now starting to become real that I am actually having another baby.  Mason keeps asking for Baby Sophie to come to Mason house and I'm not sure he fully understands the meaning or what will happen when this new baby arrives but I tell him she will be here soon.  When I ask him where Baby Sophie is, he points to my belly and says she is in there and mentions my belly button.  Yesterday he tried to cuddle with her and it was so cute seeing him attempt to get close to my protruding belly enough to "cuddle" his baby sister.  I wonder everyday what their relationship will be like.  Will they get along, will they have a love/hate camaraderie, will they be close or not want to be around each other at all?  I hope for my children to have a sibling bond that is special and loving.  I do expect fights to happen, it's just human, but I hope they will protect and respect each other.  What Mother wouldn't?

As I play this waiting game I have been diligently working on Mason's baby book.  Only 27 months later and I am now finally finishing it.  I haven't had much time for scrapbooking, or rather I didn't make it a priority to fit into my schedule, until now.  This is where I have been hiding lately.  My scrapbook room.  I realize the need to get all these memories down and the importance of documenting his first year (well our lives in general).  I have just two layouts left and then some journaling to do on about 6 other layouts and it's complete.  A sense of accomplishment is hitting me and I love it.  I will finally have a completed scrapbook for myself.  Something I have not done since my Honeymoon almost 4 years ago.  Speaking of my Wedding, I still have that album in progress as well.  At least I have the video to look back on.  My next goal is to get Sophie's baby book done.  I bought Becky Higgins Sweet Baby Kit so it should be faster to assemble.  I plan to get the design and sketches completed so all I have to do is add the photos and journaling when each month/milestone arrives.  Again my word for 2009 is SIMPLIFY.   
I will post some layouts from Mason's album once I am completely finished.

Have a Happy Valentines Day Weekend!!!!
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