Friday, February 27, 2009

Pitty Party for one please!

Seems that I will not escape this pregnancy without having some sort of cold, infection, or other sickness as much as possible.  I woke up yesterday feeling a little bit of a sore throat.  By 4pm I was so out of it and tired that I just couldn't muster up making dinner for my family let alone stay fully awake for my favorite show, Hell's Kitchen.   I had hopes that I could possibly kick it without getting "sick" but it seems a lost cause now.  All night I was achy and unable to sleep.  By morning it turned into a full blown cold or whatever it is I have.  My neck, my back, my leg especially stiff.  My throat feeling as if it is the size of a tennis ball, despite taking throat lozenges.  My head has not only detached from my body but left me with an excruciating headache.  My nose is stuffed, my ears are clogged and I find it is taking every thing inside me to get out of bed and muster up the smallest bit of strength to make sure my son does not kill himself while I wallow in self pitty and attempt to recover as fast as possible.  

It could just be me but it seems that there is some pre-requisite number of times a person must feel like complete and utter crap before the wonderful world of pregnancy ceases to exist. Somehow I have not reached that number yet.  Well F that.  I am so over this its not even funny. I'm sorry but if it makes you feel like you want to kill yourself  just so it will end, its not a gift, its torture. And every woman who says she loved being pregnant is either lying, psychotic or has as my husband calls it, selective amnesia.  Maybe this is how nature gets us to repeat this insane act over and over again.  

I am full term at what, 36 weeks?  Wonder if I can convince my doctor to move up my c-section...
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