Saturday, March 31, 2012

The boys

The boys have this ritual. Every night, after dinner, they grab a bowl of M&M's and disappear into the basement to play video games until it's bedtime.
This is their bonding time. Father and Son. It's something Mason has been craving, and needing ever since Fred started working from home. This year has been a difficult one for all of us, but I think it's been hardest on Mason. The concept of Daddy working, even though he is home all day, every day, and not able to play or hang out with him, does not compute to a 5 year old. So even though they have been doing a lot of video game playing, I allow it.

Their usual line up includes role playing games such as Arc the Lad, Final Fantasy, and Rogue Galaxy. But, every once in a while they throw in Gran Turismo, cause, you know, they are boys and well, it's racing. Cool cars. That's just what boys do. (Loosely quoting my 5 year old boy). Over time, Mason has even learned to handle the controls, racing himself, and winning first place most of the time. Is this boy like his Daddy or what?

Well, that was the routine until one fateful night. A shock of static electricity and our Playstation 2 was fried. It wouldn't even turn on. You'd push the button and...nothing. Mason was understandably devastated. Yes, it is only a game. I am very well aware of this fact. But, as I watched tears of broken heartedness streaming down my son's face, I realized it was so much more. It was Mason's special time alone with his Dad. Something they could do, just the boys. How could I deny him that? So, I did what any devoted mother would do, and I scoured the internet for a new Playstation. It was not in our budget to get a new $300 video game console (as much as Fred has been wanting a PS3), and besides you can't even play PS2 games on a PS3. However, I did find a store that sells refurbished PS2's for about $30.00. When I brought this to Fred, there wasn't too much of a discussion, as we already knew what we were going to do.

A few nights later, I saw the complete happiness on Mason's face as he and Fred came walking out of Game Stop, the new (to us) and working PS2 in hand. We, of course, raced right home, plugged it in, and the boys played their games until bedtime. The best $30 I think we have spent in a long time.
Their nightly ritual has recommenced and I, once again, am regaled with stories of magical powers, distant lands, epic battles with the evil Sin, and various companions they meet along their journey.

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