Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Lately, it has been beautiful. 70 degrees and feeling more like Spring than ever. Trees have begun to bloom. You can smell the aroma of nature as you step outside our door. I don't know the name of the plant but, I do love their smell.

We have been spending our afternoons outside, drawing with chalk, playing in the dirt, and riding bikes. One day we even broke out the sprinkler. Well it was mostly to water the grass but Mason insisted that he put on his swim suit and run through it. Sophie found the water too cold and eventually Mason did too. We'll have to wait another month or two before trying that again, I think. Or at least wait till the temperature reaches 80 degrees or higher. I'm pretty sure we will be breaking out the bubbles one of these days, I keep forgetting.

Sophia had her turn at Grandma Sunday. I was glad to have her back into that routine. She needs her own time with Grandma, she needs some independence, and more importantly, she needs to get used to being away from me.

I got the rare opportunity to run errands alone. Fred joked that I should make a big sigh at least 5 times and yell out, "don't do that" or "come here" a few times just so that it felt normal. (ha. ha.)

Mason seriously scared the hell out of me. I arrived home, after my errands, to a quiet house. I assumed the boys were outside playing, so I busily put the groceries and other items I bought away. As I walked out of the pantry I hear a little voice scream out, "BOO!" I must have jumped about 10 feet, proceeded by my screaming. In hind sight, it wasn't the best idea to scream an obscenity at my 5 year old son, but when you get the brains scared out of you, that tends to be the result. He giggled maniacally as I regained my composure, now certain I wasn't going to have a heart attack, and quickly descended to the basement. "Did you put Mason up to that?" "Up to what?" Fred asked me back. "Scarring the buhgezzes out of me!" An evil smile curled upon his lips as he casually, and only half heartedly, tried to hold back his laughter. "No, I didn't, but that is awesome. Did you scare Mommy, buddy?" "Yeah, I did. I scared her good." They both laughed. Hard. Sharing this moment, and savoring my torture. I, however, had no interest in sticking around for this. I quietly turned and left the room. Their all too joyous laughter growing dim behind me. Jerks.

Fred and I took Mason to the playground up the street by our pool. We race the whole way there. Realize we are totally out of shape. The swings were too squeaky for my taste and I had to hold my ears as Fred decided he would swing despite the nails on a blackboard screeching. We tried to capture Mason as he ran through the play scape, up the slide, in the tunnel, down the stairs, around the other side. I ran up the slide after him. Guess I judged wrong because my head hit hard and everything went white. And for a bit I could feel myself sliding down the slide, hands holding my head, and the tears welling up in my eyes. I didn't want to cry in public, so I choked them back. I felt a little nauseous, even looked a little pale. I spent the rest of the our time at the playground sitting on the bench, nursing my ego and bruised skull. I have to say, playgrounds are only for children for a good reason. However, we tried to turn this into a learning opportunity for Mason. "See, buddy, this is why we don't walk up slides. We only slide down them." Ha! I could see how well that lesson sunk in as we watched our son climb up the slide, that mischievous Briggs grin on his face.

Lately, a few mornings while Mason is at school, it's been warm enough to take Sophie to the playground. She makes friends so easily these days. Such a kind, friendly, and caring person she has become. I absolutely love that about her. I like it when I am able to give her things she can do on her own. Things to help her develop. I feel so guilty that she has not had the same opportunities that Mason was given. I feel so guilty that I have not been able to give her the attention and time that I devoted so much of to Mason at this age. When I see her engaging in things on her own and learning it helps to ease my mommy guilt, if only just a bit.

Lately, we've decided that it was time to plant our garden. So a trip to Home Depot later, and the kids are getting busy in the dirt with Fred. We've planted tomatoes, cucumbers (Fred wants to pickle them, I want some for my salad), carrots and peppers. Flowers have already bloomed on our strawberry plants and we can see the beginnings of buds on our raspberry and blueberry plants. We bought a second grape plant to cover the hideous shed. We are hoping these concords are actually seedless, unlike the first type we bought that said the grapes were seedless, but turned out to have seeds.

It turns out, we planted our garden just in time for a last minute frost to hit, temperatures dipping into the low 30's last night and early morning. Oh, well. Hoping our harvest produces well this year despite.

Lately, allergies are hitting the household with a vengeance. Waiting for all the coughing, sore throats, ear infections, itchy eyes, sneezing and running noses to subside.

Lately, Spring cleaning has been on the forefront of my mind. I have a running mental list of things needing to be done: windex the windows, clean and vacuum out my car, hose down the deck (table, chairs and all), mow the lawn, etc. And for the first time ever I actually seriously cleaned our Dyson vacuum today. OH.MY.GOD. It so needed this cleaning. Through Pinterest, I found a website with instructions on how to clean your Dyson, including photos for each step. Can I just say how much I love DIY projects and How to tutorials that include pictures. I am such a visual person, especially when it comes to learning. Anyway, she says you are supposed to do this every 3-6 months. Whoops! I've done this, like, NEVER! Ha, ha. It's a wonder this thing still works huh? So now I am waiting the appropriate 24 hours till my Dyson is dry and I can use it again. In the meantime, my floors will have to remain dirty. Though, it's not like this is anything new to my floors.

Lately, this house has been filled with songs from Strawberry Shortcake episodes and scenes from My Little Pony. Most especially that of the Read It and Weep episode featuring Daring Do. This is the kids favorite. I hear Mason reciting lines and acting out scenes, "Hmm, these animals are all predators. Except for Rats!" and "You won't get away with this Ahuitzotl." Daring Do is reminiscent of Indiana Jones so it's not surprising that it holds their interest, especially Mason.

The new season of Transformers Prime has begun and our DVR is running out of room. I am fearing the day that I have to inform them we need to start deleting.

Lately, I've been running all over town searching for all 8 in each boys and girls series for Happy Meal toys. They are My Little Pony and Transformers Prime this month. I tell you, the things I do for my kids. On the other hand, having these toys in his earning basket has really motivated Mason to find ways he can earn stones.

Lately, this is our life. A glimpse into our everyday. I document this now, knowing in only a few short months, our lately is likely to change.
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