Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring has Sprung

About a week ago the tree outside our home looked like this.

Buds beginning to appear, weather warming up to the 70's and even the 80's. The four of us spending time at the park, blowing bubbles, going out for ice cream. We even went to the first cruise in/car show at Chick-Fil-A on Friday. A favorite of Mason's from last year.

Saturday morning on my way to the store for last minute Easter supplies I got a wonderful surprise.

The tree practically bloomed over night and continued to bloom the whole day. A lovely sight after the monstrous amounts of snow the winter brought.

We finally got around to building and planting the victory garden we've been talking about since we moved in two years ago. Thanks to my wonderful husband who slaved away in the hot sun to make this a reality. You are the best. It came out beautful. And of course Mason, who came inside face bright red and panting for, "just a splash of milk" and insisting he "[had] to go back outside and help the guys."
A week later, it's really started to grow. We are highly anticipating the first produce of our hard work. Strawberries, onions, peppers, grapes, tomatoes, raspberries, carrots. Honestly, I'm just excited about the money it will potentially save us in groceries.

Inspired by the nice weather, Fred and Mason planted flowers in the beds around the trees and did an excellent job. The curb appeal of our home has drastically changed and improved ten fold in the last two years. Something I'm sure our neighbors are jumping up and down excited about. For two people who pretty much know nothing about landscaping, we sure do fake it awfully well.
Always our little helper. You gotta love this little man of ours. His efforts to be involved in and do whatever it is we are doing puts the biggest smile on my face. The pride he has in learning something new and making accomplishments in turn makes me so proud to be his mother.

This wonderful day ended with Fred and Mason throwing and chasing the ball around and Sophie and I sitting on a blanket in the backyard watching the fun. It was one of those great family moments that make you sit back and say, this is a lovely life.

And it is.
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