Wednesday, April 28, 2010

10 months.

I constantly have to remind myself to stop comparing her to Mason. She is a separate person. She will develop differently. But as I look at the many photos I can't help but see how the similarities.

How she is becoming a lover of books
and cars.
And actually prefers them and anything else Mason refers to as boy toys over her baby toys. I don't blame her. They are ALL OVER THE HOUSE and way more interesting because her big brother tries to keep her away from them.

She even sleeps with her butt in the air just like her big brother did.
And shoves as much food into her mouth as physically possible. Just as her brother did at this age (and even still does to this day).
I wonder why I bother to cut them up into such small pieces in the first place. It's a small miracle though. It only took a whole month but she is actually eating more adult foods (bananas, strawberries, grapes) as well as the gerber puffs and yogurt melts that dissolve in your mouth without managing to choke and spit them back up. Phew! I was a bit worried last month.
And just to make sure she doesn't choke and getting her full nutritional diet; there is Mason, the ever attentive big brother, breaking up the food into small pieces. He even takes the time to feed them to her.
Oh these are the moments that make everyday with two little ones so totally worth it.

Their relationship? It's one of love and hate. Like any siblings would. Mostly though it is love. Shopping with these two is so incredibly fun. I know. Did I just say that? Let's try that again.
Yup. Shopping with these two is so incredibly fun. And yes, for the most part that is a true statement. I can't seem to leave Wegman's without someone commenting on how well they get along, how cute they are, how funny, how sweet my son is to feed his little sister, etc. The list goes on. And yes, to all those who've made such comments, I DO feel so incredibly blessed. They are a handful and a riot all at the same time and I wouldn't have it any other way.

And If you've been wondering just what it is these two are eating in the various photos. It's called Coco Pop. Mason mostly loves to watch them come flying out the machine. It is pretty cool, I'll admit.
They are like rice cakes. Made of corn, wheat, rice and sea salt. Doesn't sound too appetizing. But these two LOVE them. And when I say love, I mean if one of them has one the other has to as well. And I better grab a handful of those samples if I know what is good for me. Not to mention Sophie jumping up and down like she has a full diaper when she sees me bring out the bag. I swear it is the newest crack.

And speaking of jumping. Is this insane or what?

Cracks me up every time I watch it.

She continues to work on her walking skills. Though the preferred method of transportation is crawling. Of which she has become incredibly fast.
Though I feel walking isn't too far off in the distance as I once thought.

Along the way she rode her first ferris wheel and I think enjoyed it more than Mason.
Has two more teeth coming in on the top. And LOVED the wagon at a bbq at a friends house.
She even added another word to her vocabulary.
LOVE IT. Can't get enough of hearing this. She has even started saying it at the appropriate times, such as when the phone rings or Fred walks in the door. SO FREAKING ADORABLE!

And just as we were talking about needing to find the hardware for the baby gates because she was eyeing the stairs, this happened.
She was halfway up the stairs by the time I found her. Heart pounding and thanking God that she didn't tumble.

Yes Mason, I agree. It's time for baby gates. And the last month of our first year together.
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