Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Can a pair of glasses make you look fat?

Well can it?

I pose this question mostly to myself after I got a chance to see myself in the mirror last night. This after I had my yearly (well semi yearly...maybe. shh don't tell my doctor) eye exam and needed to boost my prescription in order to see better. Not a shock as I've been having some difficulty focusing on things at a distance within the last, lets say six months. LOVING my current frames, I decided to just get new lenses and reluctantly handed over the coveted pair resorting to my back ups. At the time I didn't realize that my backups were just that. Plain jane, NOT meant to be the everyday pair of glasses. Meaning, NO transistions, NO anti-glare, and absolutely NO style. This means I have no sunglasses and therefore no eye protection from the scorching rays of sun.


My eyes are hating me right now, thank god today is a overcast rain day. They feel uncomfortable, make my eyes hurt trying to focus through smaller lenses and full on frames with no anti-glare (this is a big deal) and I am crossing my fingers that it really only takes a week for my new lenses to be installed. This all before I examined myself in the mirror and saw a more rounder, chubbier face and immediately thought, These glasses make me look fat!
What do you think?
Ahhh! Much better.
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