Monday, November 16, 2009

November Thankful: The 15th

Today I am thankful for Grandma Sunday and that my Redskins managed to FINALLY pull out a win.

I can't tell you enough how grateful I am to have family living so close. This tradition of what is now known as Grandma Sunday started when we bought this house. It was a fixer upper so we spent every weekend over here working from sun up to sun down, literally. My mom was so gracious to take Mason most weekends so we could work kid free, which meant faster. Once we moved, after 4 months of grueling hard work, my mom missed her Mason time. So we continued with her taking him every Sunday, as those were her only day off at the time. It gave Fred and I some quality time together to see a movie, ride the motorcycle or just relax. And it gave Mason the immeasurable gift of getting to know is grandparents on a more deeper level. Now that Sophie is here, I love that he still gets this time with my mom. It has helped the transition, being able to keep a bit of the old routine. Not to mention the quality one on one time (soaking up all the attention) he receives. Something he lacks here at home no longer being the only child. Now Fred and I are counting down the days when Sophie can join him on Grandma Sunday and we can get our date day back. Our coupleness (is that a word?) has seriously been on the back burner since becoming parents for the second time. As I'm sure all couples experience in that first year when their baby is so demanding of their time and assistance.

On a second note. I am so incredibly thankful that the Washington Redskins managed to pull out a win after a four game in a row loss. So disturbing it has been to hear the once always loyal fans bashing our team. I've always been proud of the fact that we have never booed our team no matter how bad they played or how crappy of a season we had. Until now. I can't express how sad that makes me feel. Having been a fan since childhood it is a big part of my life. Forget about making plans with us Sundays in the fall. It's football season. So much so that I rushed through picking out a videographer and photographer for our wedding in record time to make it home for the game. Yeah, it's that important. So thank you my beloved team for getting your act together for three hours and being the successful talented team I always knew you were.
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