Sunday, November 8, 2009

Can you stay this age forever?

Today was Grandma Sunday and a beautifully warm day. Perfect for walking on the trail and trowing stones, leaves and sticks in the creek.

Tonight as Mason is recounting what they did, this is what I heard.

Mason: And nuts. We threw nuts in the water.
Fred: You threw nuts in the water? So does that mean they threw you in the water?
Mason: *laughing* No. They didn't throw me in the water.
Fred: They didn't throw you in? You said you were throwing nuts in the water so I thought they threw you in.
Me: *chuckling*
Mason: No. Mommy would be upset.
Me: *burst out laughing*
Fred: *laughing*

He really knows what to say to to make me smile. Like yesterday while frosting cupcakes for his party. I wanted to frost them with an icing bag and tip and Fred said it would take too long and just wanted to spread it on with a knife. I said he could do half his and and I'd do half my way. So I'm squeezing out the icing and it's looking pretty good. I'm happy. Then Mason, who is standing on the stool next to daddy looks up and says, "Mommy, that's beautiful!" God I love you buddy.

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