Monday, November 9, 2009

All Aboard (a birthday celebration)

*Using PSE 4.0 I made this invite by scratch. The photo is from our trip to Strausburg for Day out with Thomas.

So the day finally arrived. So much preparation and planing. It was well worth it. It started with Mason's actual birthday. We spent the day dancing to Black Eyed Peas I got a feeling and KC and the Sunshine Band Shake, Shake, Shake. Mason's favorite song. Then he rode his bike to the park across the street. For dinner we headed to Red Robin, his favorite Restaurant. Got to meet Red Robin, give him a high five, and was sung to by the staff. He LOVED it.
We arrived home where he opened two presents. One being what he calls the eight o'clock, eight o'clock car. It's one of those cars from Target that makes noise and dances. It plays the song Rock around the clock. Of course I had to listen to that all week.

I woke up early and picked up the balloons for Mason's party. Then attached them to the party favors, wooden trains I found at Target. So fitting for the Thomas theme party.
I stuck with the colors red and blue throughout. Including the cupcakes. I made 24 chocolate and 24 buttercream the night before. As Fred and I debated on how to frosting them (see post below), I think mine turned out better and Mason agreed. I then put flags on the ones for the kids. I made the flags by using Thomas stickers and then cutting them out using my coluzzle and attaching them to tooth pics using my xyron machine.
Pin the tale on the donkey was a popular game. Each kid got to take a turn at least twice and even I gave it a try.
After the kids made a sufficient mess and making a lot of noise running around the house we brought out the pinata. Below is the video.

Then after the pinata, as if all that candy wasn't enough of a sugar rush we decided to have the singing of Happy Birthday and cupcakes. I was impressed that Mason actually blew out all his candles. See video below.
Then we opened presents. Of course he had to do it himself. When I asked him later what his favorite present was, he ran over to the Billy Fun Wheels remote control car and he and Fred proceeded to run around the house with it. *sigh* Boys. Gotta love 'em. Thanks Adrian, you got the #1 gift.
After all the chaos ended and we cleaned up a bit I was overly exhausted and ready for bed.

And now I get to take a breath before we have to plan for all the festivities of Christmas. It never ends.

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