Sunday, June 24, 2012

Embracing my inner child

These pictures really bring me back to my childhood. When my best friends and I would swing at the playground in front of our neighborhood pool. You could find us there, playing, just about any day of the week. And just as I loved the playground in my neighborhood, my kids also love theirs. Asking to go to the park or playground pretty much on a daily basis. The catch 22 is that most of the play equipment in our local parks and neighborhood tot lots, burn to the touch from the hot summer sun.

Not on this day though. This particular day was a gorgeous, breezy day. We had just finished a round of tennis, and the kids convinced us to let them play on the playground, while Fred went to Walgreens to rent a movie from Redbox.

Sophie was busy climbing, sliding, and running around as Mason and I enjoyed the swings. Each of us on our own swing, facing opposite sides, and high-fiving each other as we passed. We smiled and giggled, showing off our cool moves to Fred upon his return, who shook his head at us, the disbelief that he could be related to these two crazies emblazoned on his face.

Mason had hopped off to run around at one point while I continued to swing. Upon his return he asked if I was swinging high, and was it scary. I knew he wanted to go really high, but I also knew he was scared. "Do you want to do something really fun?" I asked. He nodded in agreement, so I sat him on my lap and away we swung. Higher and higher we went. The wind blowing across our faces, the smiles and giggles infectious. It was the most fun I've had in a really long time. Swinging with Mason. Laughing. Really, really laughing. It brought back so many memories. My best friends and I sitting on the same swing together, face to face. We called it the "spider" back then. Do kids even do that anymore? Swing spider style? Well, even if they don't, Mason loved it and asks to go back to the park everyday just so we can do it again. Fred, of course, finds the two of us so ridiculous in all our childhood fun.

Oh yes, my dear boy, I do see us coming back to swing like this again, and again, and again. If only to embarrass the hell out of Daddy.

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  1. That's so adorable! And what a special moment with your boy. I bet he loved it and he'll remember that for a long time. I don't know if I ever swung like that as a child, but I'm totally going to try it with my 4-year-old son. I'm sure he'll be full of giggles too! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)