Tuesday, June 7, 2011

That's my boy

Today while packing up the car after a trip to Costco, a proud momma moment happened.

The car next to us was pulling out of it's spot and of course Mason was observing it. I heard him mumble something in a low voice. The lady in the car had her window rolled down and she shouted out to me, "Did he just say BMW?"
I thought about it for a minute. Mason knows just about every car out there, especially taken with the BMW's at the moment and looking at her car I replied, "yes he did."
An amazed look on her face she asked, "how old is he?"
I smiled, "he's four."
She pointed out the window at Mason, smiling and shaking her head, "you're good," she said. And drove off.
"Mommy, that was a BMW." Mason had turned back to me excited.
I stood there, watching her drive away in her blue BMW, smiling so proudly.
Yup, that's my boy.
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