Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mrs. Mom's classroom

Mason was devastated to learn that school would not continue over the summer. Seriously he was crying in the car the last week of school. I was equally as bummed because I would love for school to be year long. Especially since he is so passionate about learning and going to school. I really want his love for learning, growing, and attending school to continue throughout his education years.

In response to his genuine disappointment, it was Mason who suggested that we make our own school here at home. Well, how could I say no? It sounded like a perfectly awesome plan to me. So I have spent the last week gathering supplies and browsing websites for ideas on how I can take the skills he learned this past year and supplement them at home over the summer.

Was it just a coincidence that Target had numerous workbooks for various ages in their dollar bin? I think not. I grabbed a few including connect the dots, same or different, and beginning math skills. I also grabbed a few of the dry erase composition boards to help him with his letters, specifically his M's and S's that were discussed at our last parent/teacher conference.

What I absolutely love about my son at this age is his enthusiasm for learning and creating. Every day he has asked to do dry erase. At first he was making them like he had been in school. The M's looking more like W's and the S's looking more like Z's or squiggles. See the image above. But he kept at it and once he started to get it right his confidence grew and now he is making M's as if he always knew how.

In addition to the writing, we have art time where Mason can't get into the watercolors fast enough, and Sophie dabbles in finger painting. Color Wonder of course.

It isn't perfect and most days the routine gets thrown out the window. I often wonder how long the nostalgia of this classroom of ours will last, when we will burn out from ideas or get bored. Till then, I am so proud of Mason for trying and working so hard. I can only hope Sophie picks up on his enthusiasm to learn when it comes her time to put on that backpack and walk through the doors of Golden Pond as a student.

Anyone else doing any school related activities this summer? Leave a comment. I'd love to hear what your thoughts.
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