Thursday, March 24, 2011


I got the chance to experience something wonderful. Reading books to 13 four year olds.

For the month of March, we parents, get to chose a day to come in, coordinated with the teacher, and read to the class. I was greeted with smiles and enthusiasm and then given the floor. Silly, but I was a bit nervous. Four year olds can be a bit intimidating.

I started off with Another Monster at the end of the Book, which was a hit. The kids were engaged, blurting out, "no! Don't turn the page!" So I read book after book and the kids loved it. So much that the kid in the class who never talks and has social anxiety was the most talkative. After the last book, Where the Wild Thing Are, was finished they begged for more. But I had been reading for 20 minutes already and they had other things to do as school was almost over. So Ms. Regehr said that I could come back and read to them again another day.

Awesome! I felt so euphoric that 13 four year olds thought I was so cool and entertaining. What better way to spend a rainy morning.
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