Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just a typical day

Fred is always the cool parent, throwing the kids up in the air, rough housing, kicking the ball outside, etc. Mason loved to be thrown in the air as a baby, still does. Now we try to see if he can touch the ceiling. Never thought to try it with Sophie, but, as with everything else, she wants to do what big brother is doing. So, naturally, she loves being thrown in the air.

This morning during one of these air throwing sessions I suddenly hear Fred yell. "Ahh," he comes running into the kitchen headed straight for the sink, "she's poopy! She's poopy! Ugh, my finger!" Laughing hysterically, because I find the fact that Fred is totally grossed out and over reacts about poop totally funny, I settle Sophie down to change her diaper.

Now, Mason loves to be a part of the action in the house, so as Fred is standing at the sink, scrubbing his finger with disinfectant soap and yelling, "I'm hit! I'm hit!" Mason starts to laugh along with me and says, "Sometimes that happens, Dad." Which causes me to erupt in more fits of laughter before abandoning my diaper changing duties to record the whole thing for our future enjoyment.

I seriously LOVE this family.
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