Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow days

It's snowing....again.

The boys have headed outside to play and while I stay indoors with Sophie, because she loved the snow as long as she didn't fall down, which at 20 months you can imagine how often that happened; watching TinkerBell for oh, probably the 20th time since Christmas I am reminded of a moment that happened the other day.

With the snow and teacher work days, Mason has only had school one day this entire week. Oy! You can imagine how that has gone over in this household. Bored kids + ridiculously cold outside = two whining, crying kids, one stressed mama and our Costco size diaper box of movies getting a good use. I've tried to trade which one picks the next movie, you know for fairness, and on this particular day Mason had chosen Thomas that morning making it Sophie's turn. She, of course, chose TinkerBell and Mason went into whine mode. "But Mom, we always watch TinkerBell. We've seen it like a million times."

Suddenly I was brought back to a time when Mason was about the same age as Sophie is now and there was a little movie by the name of Cars that consumed our every existence. I can't tell you how many times I heard that movie playing in the car, over and over and over...I just know I have the entire dialogue memorized. Back to 2008, the year of Cars and the reason we gave Mason's room at our new house a Cars theme. The reason we made an extra stop in the car isle of Target every trip. The reason his second birthday party had a Cars cake and little toy cars for favors and why we have just about every character from the movie (or at least I tried really hard to find them) that now collect dust in a box because the cars with eyes are no longer cool and we have moved on to the real life ones like corvettes, mustangs, mini coopers, toyota prius, and now monster trucks. Though now that Cars 2 is about to debut in the theaters this summer, that might all change.

Remembering all this, I turned to Mason who was pleading to watch something else and just said, "suck it up." Like Cars, I actually enjoy the TinkerBell movies, of which we have the first two. (The third is in storage awaiting a, no doubt, TinkerBell themed second birthday party) Though I wonder if I too would grow tired of the movie if not for it being a series and having the luxury of more than one to chose from.

In the meantime I'm gonna just sit here and enjoy my cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and the troublesome little tinker fairy. Isn't motherhood just so...flitterific?
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  1. Love this post! So many times so far in my kids life I have said the same thing!