Monday, January 17, 2011

20 months...almost.

Tinkerbell and Never Neverland might just be her favorite thing right now, but refusing to grow up is far from her latest attitude.

Fred and I have been debating the idea of giving her a big girl room when she turns two, just like we did for Mason. Fred thinks it's too early, she isn't ready. I disagree. And I now have the evidence to prove it.

Tonight, the kids were playing in Mason room. Sophie, like always, climbed up into Mason's bed. This time, however, when we asked her to come out and she, of course, refused; she laid down and closed her eyes. Oh, for cute. Upon hearing us laugh, she popped back up, all smiles. Assuming she was tired, and really it was her bed time anyway, I said, "are you ready to go night, night?" Her response, "Kay." And then she pulled up the covers, laid back down in Mason's bed, closed her eyes, holding them tight and repeated "night, night" over and over.

Yeah. So, she might not talk all that well, or manage the stairs on her own just yet, but, I have this feeling she's ready to be a big girl.
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