Thursday, August 5, 2010

Earth to Rachel...

It's been one of those weeks.

You know, when your son acts up, refusing to listen to you and has your sanity hanging by a thread. When your daughter is starting to have tantrums at the age of one. ONE! And you are ripping out your hair because she doesn't have a vocabulary yet so you don't know why she is throwing said tantrum. At least not entirely. Usually it has something to do with some toy or food she wants and she either can't get it or it was taken away. And you just want to say to her suck it up, kiddo.

A week when you had to bail out on a fun playdate at the water park because you felt it was a good lesson to teach your child, that if he doesn't behave and listen to mommy, there are consequences and they hurt. And even after the few tears shed on his part, he continues to act like the spoiled brat you swore you'd never raise.

A week that you just want to hide in a deep dark hole, but know errands need to be done. And even though you dread to be seen in public with what you consider to be the spawn of hell, you venture out and pray that you get your list checked off one by one with as little pain as possible.

However, amidst all the whining and pleading and you praying to god to just get you through the day, you happen to do the unthinkable. Totally distracted, you carefully put your sleeping baby in the car, hoping she doesn't wake up. Through clinched teeth tell your son if he wakes his sister their will be blood. Look at the sky and think to yourself, we better get going before it starts to rain. Cause that's really what I need, for it to rain right now. So quietly you get into the car, buckle your seat belt (so we can be safe) and drive off. Leaving your double stroller sitting in the parking lot. Only you don't realize this till you are a few miles, a million stop lights and one store away. The car is parked, you are walking to the back, reaching into the trunk only to see it empty. Where's the stroller? Then it dawns on you, and you have that moment when everything is slow motion. Your eyes roll up before you close them, scrunching up your face and and out it bursts. Oh. Shit.

Yeah that was me. Putting the pedal to the metal, tailgating, screaming at the drivers actually going the speed limit, screaming at my kids, praying over and over please let it be there, please god please. Thankful for not getting pulled over by a cop for speeding and lucky that my Graco Quattro Duo Stroller was sitting on the sidewalk next to the building as I sped, tires squealing, into the parking lot. Hallelujah!

Quickly I jumped out of the car, grabbed the stroller, giving it the once over before making sure it actually made its way into my van. The whole time thanking the lord a million times over because damn it, that sucker was expensive.

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  1. Hang in there, it gets easier. There's nothing more rewarding or more important than being a mother. Enjoy the ride!
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