Monday, June 28, 2010

thirty something

Growing up I recall a show called Thirty Something. How adult they seemed. My sister, my friends and I longing to be there; would emulate this life. Playing office (I can still close my eyes and see perfectly the briefcases we borrowed from our parents. The phone we unhooked from the wall) or restaurant (heading down the basement stairs in my parents house, you can still see the chalk writing, CAFE) or just pretend we were thirty. Oh how cool it was to be thirty.

Today I officially entered the thirty something club. And I honestly have to say I don't feel as cool and I thought I would 20 years ago. But I also don't think being in my thirties is anything to get depressed about either. Age is just a number. Still, with each passing year as we get older, birthdays don't hit the top of the important list as much as they did when we were say 10, 16 or even 21. So I find that when I wake up in the morning a little sad that I don't get a party, cake, cards/presents and time to celebrate with friends; I do find it a bit of an ego boost to log into Facebook and see who has wished me a happy birthday.
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