Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Remember this post? I was just waiting to get my new lenses in my old frames back. Simple right? Yeah that's what I thought until two months later and the ordeal is still not entirely resolved. *sigh*

It started off with me picking up my new pair (April 23)when they finally came in after two weeks of waiting. Hoorray! Before handing them over I was told that they overcharged for them so they upgraded my anti-reflective. My first reaction was, why didn't I get a call saying I was over charged and given the option of an upgrade or my money back? But it was done already so I just sighed, took my glasses and left. They seemed weird. Meaning my vision was wonky but I figured that was due to me just getting used to the new prescription. Outside I noticed my lenses didn't change but decided to give it another day to see if they just needed more light. But still the next day no change. Figure there are no transitions put on and tried to contact the office to see if it indeed had. After a few phone calls and no answer, I finally just walked into the office (April 27) and the lab had indeed not put transitions on. Also I mentioned the weird vision and found out the frames were bent as well. So, glasses back to the lab and me back in the back up pair.
May 6th: my glasses are back. It still took almost two weeks even with the rush they supposedly put on them. But still feel weird. Vision is not right but can't pinpoint the problem just yet. Having nausea and vertigo. Sometimes my photos on my camera look 3-D. After seeing Fred race and it making me really dizzy I almost feel over I knew something really wasn't right. Discovered after some testing that my right eye is blurry while my left eye is perfectly crisp and clear. I'm pretty sure that isn't right.
May 17th: back at the doctors office getting another exam. She tells me that I can see fine with the prescription when in the equipment but not in my glasses. That seems very odd to me but she says she is making a slight change and we'll see if that helps. Crossing my fingers that they do.
May 21: glasses back for a third time and so far still having the same problems. But decided to give it time to see if it works itself out.
June 1st: in the office again for a third exam. I tried to be more specific this time regarding my vision problems. But stating the same as I did last visit. Left eye is seeing crisp, clear, defined lines, perfect. Right eye still blurry, fuzzy edges. Seeing 3-d once again when looking at some images on my computer and my camera. Images in right eye appear smaller and farther away than right eye. Getting dizzy when move my head. Migraines, nausea, always feeling I need to adjust my glasses on my face in order to see at all. Can't interact with my kids because I get sick after a few minutes of play. Can't focus, feel crossed-eyed sometimes. The doctor much to my astonishment told me that all my problems didn't add up or make sense because, get this, MY PRESCRIPTION BASICALLY DIDNT CHANGE. Wha, wha, what?! Well then what did I pay $300 for? Geez if I had known it didn't change I wouldn't have gone through the trouble of getting new lenses! So I try to go through the whole well then lets just put the old lenses back in if they aren't any different. Of course he totally dismissed that and when I asked how I could see totally fine with old prescription (in my back up pair) and not see with the new ones, even with all the changes they've made, his explanation was allergies. Allergies? My right eye has allergies and that's why my vision is blurry and all these other problems. Riiight. That's why I can see just fine, with my allergy, in my old lenses right? Uh, huh. So feeling ignored and frustrated, not really sure what I can do at this point, I take the damn eye drops and schedule yet another exam for two weeks from now.
I should have stood my ground and demanded my old lenses be put back in and stop being jerked around because this, THIS IS RIDICULOUS. Because honestly at this point it's a quality of life issue. But it took two days, a three hour car ride with cranky kids and me feeling dizzy and car sick (and I have NEVER been car sick EVER in my entire life) and an experience at the Aquarium that should have been fun but had my head hurting, my eyes straining, feeling way too dizzy like in a fishbowl, to say enough is enough.
June4th: I finally get someone to agree to put my old lenses back in frames. I told them that I wanted a refund and in not so many words I was given the impression that this was not going to happen. I should have guessed since they didn't give me the refund when I was overcharged but instead given an upgrade I didn't even want or need. So this is where I am now. June 23rd, over a month later still dealing with this and trying to get someone to talk to me about this refund. Over the last three weeks I've been playing phone tag, in the essence that I keep calling and can't get anyone to give me an answer, call me back or even just discuss the situation. Right now I am awaiting the manager to talk with their rep at the lab and call me back. Meanwhile I am preparing documentation to dispute the charge with our credit card company.
You live, you hopefully learn, you go through crap you wish you didn't have to and then you report them to the Better Business Bureau, bad talk them to all your friends, family, neighbors and random strangers you see, and move on prating you put a serious kink in their profit margin.
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