Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day: a celebration

Did you ever notice that "Mom" is "Wow" spelled upside down?...there is something even more special about a mom-a heartfelt bond that's difficult to explain and impossible to break.
--excerpt from Before You Leap, A frog's-eye view of life's greatest lessons

Supplies: Ali Edwards Mom Word Art, Andrea Victoria aurora digital paper,Cathy Zielske dotted and dashed, other papers unknown

On this particular Mother's Day, I want to share this video below. It pretty much embodies exactly how I feel. Not just about my daughter though. My son too. Both my children are such a precious gift in my life. Yes, they've put me into a complete tailspin, caused strife and chaos and made me question once or twice whether this is what I'm really meant to do. But more than that, they have given me a love I've never known. A fulfillment I could never have imagined. I think life would be so boring without them. What would I have to be excited about, if not for the simple words ma-ma or a single step? Who would make me laugh so hard every day if not for the things Mason blurts out? And what would give me so much pride if not for the ability to see tiny little ones growing, learning, and becoming who they are?

Thank you so much for giving me this precious gift of motherhood. You remind me every day that what I do really DOES matter.

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