Friday, May 21, 2010

eleven months.

My baby girl is going to turn a year old in 7 days. Seems so unbelievable. This sweet, adorable, cooky little girl. This month I want to share a few of my favorite moments.

Ah yes. She FINALLY has started to enjoy the bath. No more screaming and scrambling to get out. Replaced with smiles, play and laughter.

A trip to Target. Being goofy in the dressing room while trying on bathing suits for Sophie. It's just how we roll.

Playing peek-a-boo.

Blowing kisses.

Watching Team Umizoomi. Fascinated with all of Mason's favorites. I know I shouldn't allow her (or him) to watch so much television, but it's my daily snippet of sanity.

Climbs into almost any bin, box, bucket she finds. And chills.

Being chased by Mason. She crawls (usually under the table), giggling. Stops. Turns to make sure he is still following, then takes off again. Squealing as she goes. It's equally as fun hen Mommy chases her too. But harder on my thirty year old knees.

Playing with the car wash together. Could this be a preview to future "sharing" and play time together?

Recently we went to see Daddy race at Summit Point. On the way there, I discovered she is not a fan of hilly, windy, two lane roads. I looked in the mirror to see her reacting as I imagine I looked, eight years old on the Scooby Doo roller coaster. Freaked out of my mind. And then crying. Despite this, she really enjoyed the racing. Making noises each time the cars passed. You should have seen my two kids. Probably the most excited to be there. A few days later, Sophie is leaping out of my arms and fighting Mason for the good spot on Daddy's lap to watch corvettes on his computer. Is she a Briggs or what?

Watching her develop. Curiosity and exploration at an all time high. Saying "uh-oh" when something is dropped, thrown or knocked on the floor. "oh wow/whoa" when experiencing something new. Pointing to everything. Continuing to say hello but now to total strangers and doing that backward hand wave that is classic baby. Erupting all who are in hearing distance into fits of "aww's" and "how cute's." I even heard a semblance of "night-night/buh-bye" when heading off to bed.

Eating a lemon on Mother's Day. She was totally into it at first. Enjoying it actually. Then it hit her.

They way she just randomly grabs for me and hugs me so tight. Her need for me equal to mine for her. I missed out on this with Mason and rather enjoy this Mommy stage she is in. I hope it lasts.

Her many looks. All of which can melt my heart. Head down, eyes staring back up at you. So serious. That is my favorite.

It's been months since we gave up the infant car seat but not naps in the car. On days she falls asleep just before getting home I am careful not to wake her while getting her out of the car, into the house and in her crib. This is secretly one of absolute favorite tasks of parenting. And will terribly miss when I can no longer carry my sleeping children up the stairs and tuck them into bed.

Walking with Daddy at the playground by Wegmans. One we frequent when the weather is warm to grab a treat of ice cream from Cold Stone and let Mason run around. I can't wait till she learns to walk on her own. Balance is not her strongest skill at the moment. Though I imagine the days when she is running around the playground with her big brother. Will he help her climb the steps or go down the slide? Will she want to do her own thing?

Her appetite has grown and we have transitioned to adult food. Or rather she sudden refused baby food or being fed with a spoon leaving me stunned and scrambling for alternatives. We since have discovered that cut up fruit like strawberries and bananas, slivers of chicken, slices of meatballs, cooked carrots and squash, and even those lunchables juniors are her new diet. Today she even had her first taste of milk. Like her brother it didn't phase her a bit (except that it was incredibly cold which hit her mid gulb, forcing her to slow down her intake. This could be a good thing). Next. No more bottles. I hate washing those damn things. Oh and yeah also today she made the sign for more and food while preparing dinner. AWESOME!!

Ahh. But the best memory was from this evening. It was hot. Daddy and Adrian were putting on new brakes for their corvettes and the kids needed some occupying. I remembered I bought an inflatable pool for our beach trip. Changed the kiddos filled the pool and to prove my husband wrong, "it's too cold she'll never get in," Sophie was the one splashing around while it took some convincing for Mason. Add in some bath toys and the goofballs emerged. Giggles ensued.

Isn't that the best sound you've ever heard? As a parent. Come on. Could anything be sweeter than the full on belly laugh of your baby? And her big brother making her laugh? Even more precious.
How incredibly blessed I am.
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