Tuesday, October 27, 2009

She is...

Realizing that I am so far behind on this blog thing, Sophie turns five months tomorrow and I still haven't recorded her four month progress. Aye, aye aye! So without further delay...

She is...
She is consistently sleeping through the night.
She is kicking her legs all the time. I've come to calling her Thumper.
She is recognizing Mommy, Daddy and Mason.
She is eating solid food.
Oatmeal is the best.
6-8 tablespoons at time.
She is finally on a schedule and we are establishing a routine.
She is discovering her fingers and toes.
And sucks on them whenever possible.
She is a happy baby in the morning. Always smiles.
She is giggling, though few and far between.
She is loving her big brother.
She is fascinated with anything he is doing.
Immediately smiling when we walks in the room.
The only one able to calm her down,
Mason sings to her.
Twinkle, Twinkle little star.
She is this close to rolling over.
She is trying so hard to sit up she does "sit ups" when lying down, in her car seat or swing.
She is verbally expressive ALL THE TIME.
Her squeals, and chatter a welcome relief.
She is standing. While being held.
She is taking about three naps a day.
One long 2-3 hour and few short.
She is moving slowly like an inch worm when on her stomach.
She is trying hard to crawl.
She is 17 pounds.
She is in the 99th percentile.
She is also growing equally big in height.
She is wearing 6 month clothes already.
She is making me want to stop using the infant car seat.
Can we say heavy?
She is a good sport in the bath.
She is getting eczema like her brother.
She is a new experience.
She is a joy.
She is four months old.
She is my only daughter.
She is as sweet as can be.
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