Thursday, September 3, 2009

three months

I can't believe you are three months old already. How the time seems to fly. Not too much has changed since last month but here are a few thing about you now.

We are so thankful that you are well on your way to sleeping through the night. THANK YOU! Most nights you have seemed to get anywhere between 6-10 hours of sleep. After filling up your tummy with a whopping 40 ounces, you pass out. This usually occurs between 9 and 10pm. We then delicately change your diaper and put you in the sleep sack, being oh so careful not to wake you up. Sometimes we put on the airplane mobile, hand me down from your brother, but you have really gotten into it lately. Daddy is thrilled. Keep it up, you will fit in perfect with this family.

You are growing at increasing speed. Wearing anything from 3 to 12 months. Depending on the clothing brand, some run smaller/bigger than others. Curious, I decided to measure your weight myself. Not realizing you don't see the doctor again until 4 months. Can't wait that long to see if you have doubled your birth weight. You have. Using the rudimentary tool of weighing myself, then again while holding you, and subtracting the two. You weigh 14.5 pounds. That is about two pounds in one month. If you continue at this rate, I might have to research if weight watchers has a program for babies.

Seeing as you are growing out of your clothes at an alarming rate, we are running out of them. Taking advantage of the current sales, I might have gone a little overboard. Of course I had to get the Little Sister outfit to match Mason's Big Brother shirt. Note to self: get picture of them in outfits while on vacation. And those capris...oh and those shorts would look adorable with this top...and yes, something that isn't pink. NOT a big fan of the color, it is disturbing to see an ocean of it in every store. Do they not think girls can where anything other than PINK? However, I have sucked it up because us Seaman woman look good in pink. Ugh. Mason really gets into it, taking after his Mommy I suppose. Constantly running through the aisles and racks of clothes picking out dresses, onesies and exclaiming with such delight, "this is a cute one. Look at this one Mommy." Or if I am holding up an ensemble, "yeah, yeah. That one is soooo cute." Oh how I LOVE IT! The other day he picked out a pink bear lovie, and stated that you HAD to have it. Begging me to bring it home. So it now sits next to the other one in your room. I figure he decided you needed two lovies, just like him.

It is such a joy to hear you react when I, or anyone, talks to you. The cute gurgles, sighs, and other random noises that emerge as you try to "talk" are a welcome relief to your normal ear piercing screams; that honestly could break glass or my ear drums. You are also smiling a lot more. To see your face light up when you see my face is definitely a proud momma moment. You recognize me. Mason is another person who manages to get some of the most precious, big smiles out of you. He has taken his role as Big Brother to heart. Always concerned when you cry. Quick to jump up and comfort you by singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or giving you a hug. Sometimes he is a little too affectionate and I have to remind him to be gentle. It is all out of Love though. My favorite is how excited he gets, when you smile or talk to him. "She's smiling. Mommy look, she's smiling." So proud.

It is amazing how much you resemble your brother at this age. So much, that Mason sees photos of himself as a baby and thinks it is you. I have to correct him, and honestly if I didn't know it as him I probably would have said those photos were of you too.

We continue to work on "tummy time", though I know you aren't getting enough attention to encourage development of these skills. I find it more difficult than I imagined, having two kids at home. Each one competing for my attention. Leaving me feeling as if I am failing as a parent. Unable to properly nourish my children's mind, body and soul. However, I am trying to give myself the benefit of the doubt. Knowing that there is an adjustment period and I'm not sure we have exited that phase just yet. Every day we get closer to a routine and life gets easier.

As nervous as I was about having a girl, you have seriously worked your way into my heart. I look forward to the coming months; when you will learn to sit up, crawl and eat solid food.

Sweet baby girl, know that you are so very much loved.

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