Saturday, September 5, 2009

Beach here we come

New bathing suit that was too expensive but makes me look hot. Check. Crunches every night so I don't feel so bad about my post baby body. Check. Ready for the beach with two kids under 3 years old. Ummm...check?

Ready or not here we go.

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  1. I'd so love to be on a beach right now :)

  2. -->Where were you in OBX? We stayed in Corolla for a week earlier this summer and last year in Kitty Hawk. We've already booked our week in Corolla for next summer. Of course it's only a 90 minute drive for us. Gotta love it. :-)

  3. Deb: We were in Corolla. It's beautiful there. We plan on making the trip again next year. Had such a great time. I'm working on my post about our week so stay tuned.