Friday, March 27, 2015

Warning! Contents may cause uncontrollable laughter

So yesterday morning was probably one of the funniest mornings in a while. It started off like any other day. Morning coming to soon, me hitting snooze until I finally decided I couldn't anymore, and sleepily making my way downstairs. Mason, who I usually hear quietly making his way downstairs at around 5:30 am, was not far behind me and just as groggy. We went about our normal morning routine, albeit a bit slower; I took his waffles out of the freezer and into the toaster, then placed some chocolate chips in a bowl for the topping. I start my coffee, then go about putting his lunch together while he plays Minecraft on his tablet and eats. Once lunch is packed, I go through my mental list: homework worksheets in the purple folder, did I fill out and sign the reading log, word study notebook, math/science notebook, library books since it's Thursday, joke of the day packed in lunchbox. Check, check, check, and check.

It's been a while since Sophie made an appearance downstairs before Mason has left for school, but I hear this little voice, "Mommy?" as she sleepy walks into the kitchen. I know this will frustrate Mason as he does not like his little sister accompanying us to the bus. Big brothers, what can I say? I put her waffles in the toaster and get her a glass of orange juice as she settles at the table with her tablet, ready to watch Stampycat videos or Netflix.

7:15am the alarm goes off on my phone indicating it is time for socks and shoes, then out the door. Mason immediately turns to Sophie who is still in her pajamas and says, "you can't come with us." This stems from a few mornings ago when Sophie, desperately wanting to come with us to the bus stop, was still in her pajamas and we had to wait for her to change and ended up being late and missed the bus. Mason was angry and scolding her in the car all the way to school. As a result I instituted the rule that she had to be dressed and ready to go if she wanted to join us, otherwise she had to stay home with Dad. Sophie, aware of the new rule, turns to me and asks, "is daddy here?" Love my girl for always making sure the rules are followed and thinking about safety. Of course I would never leave her home alone, not at this age. As I was telling her, "yes he is home" Mason comes racing back into the kitchen practically yelling, "yeah he is home can't you hear him upstairs sleeping?" At this point he proceeds to make these snoring noises which sound just like Fred when he is sleeping. I tried, but I could not contain myself. A burst of laughter came forth and I looked over at Sophie who also began laughing. Mason continued with his impression for a few minutes and it was everything I could do not to snort my coffee.

"OK Mason, you need to stop now. We get it." I was afraid if he didn't I would not be able to stop laughing all the way to the bus.

I'm sure Fred would not be happy about me posting this, embarrassed at his portrayal and swearing that he does not snore. (He does. Many a night I have laid awake listening to that exact sound. Which was why it was so funny. Mason really did sound just like his dad.) However, this is one of those stories I will want to remember years from now. To get a glimpse of what our routine was like when they were small and be reminded just how hysterical Mason can be.

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