Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We got spirit, yes we do. We got spirit, how about you?

The end of the school year is approaching with lightning speed and I realize I have yet to write anything the kids have done in school so far this year. Epic fail on my part. No excuses, It's really just a lack of prioritizing blogging into my daily schedule. I'm working on it though. I have re organized my office, bought a planner in order to keep track of events and daily happenings that I want to blog about, and am going through my daily routine to determine the appropriate time to set aside for writing. I won't promise that I will start writing every day, but I will do my best to write more often than I do now.

Two weeks ago, Sophie's school had spirit week. I could never get Mason to participate in any of the themes while he was attending and really hoped Sophie would let me convince her to take part in at least a day or two. Surprisingly she participated in each day. She wore her Redskins jersey on Monday, mismatched her socks on Tuesday, and donned her school colors of yellow and blue on Wednesday. My favorite was Crazy Hair day on Thursday.
Sophie picked the outfit out herself, but she let me do up her hair however I wanted. I put two ponytails on top with her frilly hair ties and then braided the bottom in four different braids. It was a bit harder since her hair is shorter now than it used to be, but I think it came out good. She added the tiara, but then decided to leave it at home before heading out the door. I had walked her in that morning so I got to see all the teachers and her classmates equally crazy hair dos. Some had pony tails sticking straight up, one teacher had Mr. Potato Head stuck in her hair, and a boy in her class came in wearing a tin foil hat. There was lots of giggling, pointing, and showing each other their crazy hair. I was surprised to see her hair still in its crazy do when I picked her up, as she usually tends to take out her braids or pony tails by the time I roll into car line. I believe Friday was her favorite day because she got to wear pajamas to school again. It was really fun to see all the school spirit throughout the week. I'm thinking next year I just might participate too.

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