Sunday, August 12, 2012

Simple Things Sunday: Budding Gymnasts

In lieu of Grandma Sunday, as my mom went out of town today, my sister came over to play Wizard 101 with Mason, and help give him some pointers. If you are not familiar with this online role-playing game, it is a little bit like WOW (World of Warcraft) but for the younger crowd, holding a rating of Everyone 10+. Mason has been downstairs in the basement, on the desktop in Fred's workshop playing this game almost every day this past week. He is super proud of the fact that he can do it completely on his own, and I have been thrilled that he has found something to hold his interest away from me for a period of time throughout the day. Summers are a struggle around here. Boredom being the major culprit. While they are busy playing Wizard 101 and Sophie attempts to diaper her babies, I wanted to share a moment, from the other day, with you.

This weekend the kids and I watched the rhythmic gymnastics final. A bit disappointed we missed the synchronized swimming, I was eager for Sophie to see this sport as she loves to dance. It proved to be a good choice as she stood in the middle of the room showing her own rhythmic moves. "I can do that," she would say, followed by a spinning move. Mason would make the beep sound indicating the start of their performance. At one point there was a minor fight over whose turn it was to perform, because clearly the big space in the family room was just not enough room for them both. Mason tried to do a split jump and land with his feet in straddle, but mentioned he couldn't do it. As Sophie tried the move herself she replied, "see Mason. Easy peasy." Ha, ha, she cracks me up; her personality really beginning to shine.
They were being so cute and funny, I couldn't help grab my camera and capture the moment. I'm glad I did, because it is a good reminder that life can still be normal amidst the turmoil and hardship that have recently befallen us. My children are constantly showing me that no matter how difficult life can be, allowing yourself to smile, laugh, and just revel in the simple things can hold the most amazing healing power.
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