Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bumblebee says...

Hope your Valentine's Day is Awesome!

Once again we have arrived at the class valentine exchange. Today is the party for Mason's class and I am so excited to be able to be there as he hands out his valentines this year. We got creative again, I mean would I really not get creative with valentines? Though, I almost went store bought this year, except Mason couldn't find any Transformer ones with candy. Instead, we decided it would be cool if he dressed up in his Bumblebee Halloween costume and made some fierce poses. I think we are both happy with the result.

I created the words in photoshop, leaving room for Mason to sign his own name later. Had them printed at Costco (I'm a little peeved that they cropped off the edge of the wording, even though I checked the cropping line. But got over it fast, as I realized these are 5 year olds and they really don't give a crap, much less probably even notice.) and then glued them to red card stock. Mason signed each one and then I punched holes in the top and bottom of his fist and slipped the heart lollipops into them. It totally looks like he is handing the lollipops to his friends. These photos do not do them justice.

The kids are also doing a cute craft I helped put together. They will be using red and white colored plates to make holders for all their valentines. I can't wait to see them put these together. And the snack, of course is healthy. Ritz crackers with a cream cheese and jelly mixture spread on top. It sounds so delicious, I hope there are some extras for me to grab a taste.

I went ahead and made my own Valentines for the kids this year. Mason has been asking me if he will get something from me and I kept telling him he had to see. Of course I would give them Valentines, duh. So, last night, I had Fred take a picture of me and then I got to work. I really wanted to give them a special message from me, because I feel they both have grown so much this year. And not just in height (My lord these kids are like weeds. Especially Sophie who is not much shorter than Mason these days.). Mason has really been working hard at school, and Sophie has really come into her own these last few months -- developing her skills, interests and vocabulary. Those two really do shine in their own special way. I'm so lucky to be their Mom.

(I do have something cooked up for Fred too, I just didn't get any photos of it yet.)

So here's to hoping your day is just as special!

Happy Valentines Day!
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