Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's the simple things

Like a Thursday afternoon. The weather finally warming up for a few hours. Just long enough for a little game of soccer in the backyard and chalk on the driveway before dinner.

Or making a quick stop at your hairdressers to ask if she'd be willing to donate to your son's Teacher Appreciation Week raffle (which she happily said, yes) and her taking a few extra moments out of her busy schedule for a quick unexpected trim, giving your daughter some bangs. Ms. Holly, you are exceptionally wonderful.

And of course, making homemade pizzas with Uncle Barry, who is in town for the week and helping Grandma and Aunt Jenni babysit, while Mom and Dad get an evening out to celebrate their Anniversary.

I truly embrace the beauty of the little things. It is, after all, these moments that make up our lives. The ones that really matter. I encourage you to celebrate your simple moments, each and every day!

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  1. Great pics! Totally jealous over the time outside ... and time away :)

  2. love your pictures! :) thanks for linking up this week! Rebecca

  3. @Lee Currie: we've been craving the outside time too. Praying this warmer weather stays.

    @rebecca: thanks so much! I've been wanting to link up with The Simple Things for a while and finally got my act together in time. Love celebrating the simple moments of life.