Wednesday, October 13, 2010

16 months.

This girl, I am LOVING her. Not that I didn't before. But now, these days, I am REALLY loving this girl.

This girl, who talks very little but understands much more than she can say. Like a sponge, she absorbs everything.

This girl, who is growing so fast.

This girl, who loves the camera.

This girl, who has become such a copy cat. From imitating our noises, facial expressions and actions to wanting to do everything her big brother is doing. Playing with cars and trains, joining in a game of chase or hide and seek, and sitting on the stairs, next to him, to get her shoes put on in the morning.

This girl, who loves to eat. Grapes, string cheese, gerber sweet potato puffs. Pretty much anything you put in front of her. And who still throws her sippy cup and plate on the floor.

This girl, who is constantly on the move. Running here and there. She never wants to be held for very long. Whose walk is pigeon toed causing her to swing her hips just so, that her skirts twirl.

This girl, whose personality has really burst forth.

This girl, who loves to dance and knows how to be silly.

This girl, who is very much like her brother, rough and tumble. But still enjoys a cute tutu and admiring herself in front of the mirror.

This girl, who gives high fives and cheers. Who pouts and gives you dirty looks.

This girl, who is fearless. Running full steam into waves, and going head first down slides.

This girl, who can throw a tantrum with the best of them. Screaming, hitting, falling on the floor, crying and looking oh so pathetic. Who will actually sit in time out for a full minute. Forty percent of the time.

This girl, who has developed a relationship with her brother. Who gets frustrated when he takes a toy away but who still wants to hold his hand in the car. Who misses him each day he's at school. Who sometimes gives hugs and kisses and is always, ALWAYS willing to play and be goofy with him.

This girl, who likes to have her teeth brushed before bed and enjoys books.

This girl who charms the pants off of strangers while shopping and family who visits. Whose smile melts your heart and whose giggle is infectious.

This girl, who surprises me everyday. When the basement door is left open and I see her heading in that direction I panic. Thinking she is headed for the stairs and going to tumble down them, I jump up only to find she is helpfully closing the door. Then turns to me, nods her head and claps her hands in self acknowledgement of a job well done.

This girl, who has discovered crayons.

This girl. This 100% mama's girl, who has given me the opportunity to know what it feels like to be the preferred parent. I LOVE IT.

This girl, who can follow simple instructions. Like, "bring me your boots."

This girl, who sometimes reminds me of Zeke. When I am in the bathroom and I see these tiny little fingers appear under the door and a little voice call out, "hi."

This girl, who looks good in hats. Which is good because she doesn't have much hair yet. And even though I dress her in pink, people still think she is a boy.

This girl, who still takes two naps a day.

This girl...

Yeah, I love this girl.
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  1. What a gorgeous family!! I love your blog! And nothing is more adorable than little chunky thighs!