Sunday, September 19, 2010

Right Now...

I am enjoying a snack of pretzels and sour cream with my son. I picked up this snack on our trip to the Outer Banks with friends and it stuck. Thanks Amy.

I am enjoying this nice fall weather with my windows open and fresh air filling my house. A nice change to the stuffy, sticky humidity of the summer.

I am enjoying the season finally of Grey's anatomy on Hulu (well maybe enjoying is the wrong word cause OMG!) as I catch a few moments of me time on this unexpected day of no Grandma Sunday.

I am looking forward to my Redskins kicking some Texans ass as game two of this awesome 2010 season approaches.

In the meantime I am working on a post about my sons first week of preschool as well as one about our recent beach trip. Look for those in the coming weeks. Hope you all are enjoying the return of school and gorgeous crisp fall weather.
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