Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'd like a grande, non-fat dose of inspiration please

We all need a little inspiration in our lives. Whether it's to be a good mother, a better wife, adding some delicious to dinner, or telling the stories of our lives so that they will be remembered.

When it took me two years to finish Mason's baby album (meaning he was about 2.5 years old) I had lost so many important details along the way. After that, I promised myself I would make a better effort to keep up to date with Sophie so not to lose the details. The little stories you forget after time. The ones you desperately want to hold on to, not just the milestones. To aid myself with this I proudly created the layout designs for the whole album before she was born, using Becky Higgins Baby Kit. I even put post it notes dictating the picture sizes and where to put them. After Sophie was born I started to blog about her little quirks, growth and milestones each month. Even picked out the pictures. The goal was that when I found time to scrapbook I only had to go back and pull the information off my blog and enter it into the layouts. Easy right?

Today I finally got around to doing some layouts. However, I didn't end up with the results or satisfied feeling I expected to. They don't feel right to me. If that makes sense. It's not as easy as I set it up to be. The design feels all wrong, and I'm kinda in an 8.5 by 11 mode lately and these are all 12x12. I want to just rip it all up and start over completely. Maybe I'm not feeling compelled to record these stories in my scrapbooks right now (I mean technically they were already told here on my blog). Maybe it's the mindset of my layouts having to be publishable. Maybe it's the beautiful weather and I just don't want to be in a room with no windows.

So once again I'm not keeping the promise of getting Sophie's album done before she turns a year old. Though, at least I am telling her story. And eventually, I'll get that inspiration to put it all on paper. If not, I'll just tell her to go read the archives of this blog.
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