Friday, July 31, 2009

A new skill

Recently Mason got his first bike. A Radio Flyer tricycle he picked out himself.

Every time we went to Babies R Us he would drag me to the section with the bikes and have me watch as he tried so hard to ride. On our last trip Mason surprised me with his ability to get around the store pretty good on his own. So I gave in and bought it. The smile on his face said it all. That and the fact that as we left the store he refused to let go or get off the bike in order to load it into the car.

Being told he had to wear a helmet, which he was annoyingly unhappy about, in order to ride the bike outside; he mostly rides inside the house. Though after much insistence and pleading o my part he reluctantly picked out a Thomas helmet which I find adorably cute on him.

Around and around the main living area, through the dining room, kitchen and hallway; Mason rides his bike every day. This learned skill has greatly improved in just the three short weeks of owning his new bike. He now peddles like a champ, no longer needing that helpful push. He has also improved on his steering and maneuvers corners like he's on rails. He tells me he is going to the grocery store to get me vitamins or some other item of interest at the moment. He can be often heard yelling from a distance "which way now, mom?" To which I reply, "left" or "right" or "straight." And is sometimes overheard questioning where to park.

This reminds me of my childhood. Summers spent riding our Schwinns around the neighborhood armed with maps our Dad drew up consisting of places of importance, such as the grocery store, post office and of course our apartments (various storm drains on the culdesac) because in our imaginary play we were always adults. We'd play away the afternoon running "errands" from a list our Mom created. Such imagination and creativity we had as children. Something I fear is lost on this generation, so used to electronically overloaded toys and DVR capability.

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